Of course this is not a great movie but I don't mind this sort of movies being made. The sort of movies with a big budget and a star cast behind it, that are purely being made to entertain. For the studios it's a good and safe way to make some big cash and for its audience it can be often a pleasant viewing experience. A typical popcorn-flick.

And yes, you can say a lot about this movie but it at least is an entertaining one to watch. Just sit back and enjoy. A perfect movie to kill some time with when you don't want to watch anything too heavy.

But by saying all this I'm not claiming that this is a great movie. On the contrary really. It's flawed in more than a couple of ways and most notably with its story. The movie is such nonsense and the story is highly unlikely and too often just doesn't make any sense. It just isn't the most clever spy-comedy around and it even gets quite tiresome after a while. It's definitely a movie that feels longer than it truly is and it could and also probably should all had ended way sooner. So no, I won't watch this movie any time soon again but still I don't regret ever watching it.

It really is its high budget and star power behind it that makes this movie such a watchable one. Its high budget provides the movie with plenty of big action moments. The one more realistic and better looking than the other. But the movie gets still mostly driven by its actors. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz play the lead roles in this movie and you just can't really go wrong with those two. I have always liked Tom Cruise, especially in action movies. He can be a true action star, that on top of things also can really act, unlike most other action stars. And even though he's close to being 50, he still has the right looks for the part and can still play it convincingly. Watching him in this movie, you would never guess how old he truly was at the time. Same can be said for Cameron Diaz, who is also still great looking for her age and actually only seems to get prettier. I never cared much about Cameron Diaz' looks back in the days when she was the new hot star in Hollywood, around the time she did "The Mask" and "There's Something About Mary" but suddenly I'm now way more able to appreciate her looks and I'm even start to like her better as an actress as well.

It's still kind of odd as to why all these big names, both in front and behind the camera, decided to sign on to this movie. I guess that things looked great and promising on paper, while the execution of it was a bit lacking and also sort of a disappointment. And I can really see this movie working out as a way better- and also more fun one, instead of the movie that it's now but at least it also isn't the horrible movie lots of other people are claiming it to be.

A good movie to kill some time with.


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