Nothing wrong with surrealistic animations and I can actually enjoy some of them from time to time but this movie was just too much. It didn't made sense in any way and I had no idea what was going on all or what the movie was trying to achieve and say.

There is absolutely no story in this. Just a bunch of random animations wobbling on the screen. And it's all quite abstract as well. Sizes and motions are all out of this world, so most of the time you really have no idea what you are watching. Stuff that happens just make no sense but all the worse; it doesn't even seem to have a point.

What was Harry Smith trying to tell with this movie or what was he trying to achieve with his animations? To me it probably will always remain a mystery, though some people still seem to be able to appreciate his work and especially this movie in particular. Glad some people still get something out of this movie. What's art to some is absolute rubbish to some others I guess.

Perhaps I could had still taken the movie if it was much shorter. An hour is just far too long for an pretentious, artistic, animated movie, in which absolutely happens story- or entertaining-wise. Yes, perhaps some good humor could had still made this movie somewhat more watchable as well but this totally isn't the angle this movie was going for.

The animations themselves also aren't that impressive to look at but I can still see how it's style influenced other later film-makers and animators. However that still doesn't make this a good or interesting movie to watch. Not for me at least.


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