It isn't anything new or uncommon, a movie that tries to blend in with the video game genre. A movie that is being set in both the real world and a video game world. This is something especially the horror genre has explored but it's also something that has ever rarely worked out as a good horror movie in itself. As far as these type of movies go, this one isn't all that bad but it also isn't a very interesting or all that great of a watch.

You could say this movie is being a bit of a lackluster. It takes a while for things to finally start off and when they do, it isn't anything exciting really. Horror-wise this movie is also lacking in some good tension and scares. I can't really see a lover of Japanese horror enjoying this movie.

People still seem to enjoy this movie for its visual style but I just wasn't too fond of it. Especially the colors worked distracting. This seems to be a trend with Japanese horror especially; use manipulated colors, which gives the movie a sort of artificial feel and look to it. Also the editing, that was meant to give the movie pace and style, felt messy and made me not like the style and look of this movie.

It overall wasn't a movie I hated watching but it also wasn't one that really grabbed me with either its story, characters, or any of the events in the movie.


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