This is a late movie that seems to have been made in the vein of the screwball comedy genre, which was at its peak during the '30's and '40's. Now, screwball movies just never have been among my favorite ones, so this movie also really isn't.

Probably most amazing thing about this movie is that's directed by Frank Capra. His touch is however nowhere to be found in this movie, even though he had worked on lots of comedies and the screwball genre before, prior to this movie. I think the foremost problem is that the movie doesn't try to be just a comedy but also a serious and heavy drama. The two things aren't that well balanced out within this movie and because of this both elements fall sort of flat.

The story and characters also just aren't that appealing in my opinion. You don't ever really connect emotionally to any of the characters because they are doing some very stupid and also irresponsible things throughout the movie. This is especially a problem with the main character, played by Frank Sinatra.

No, even despite its really solid cast the characters just don't work out too well. Edward G. Robinson's and Thelma Ritter's talent all goes to waste in this movie and they are two of my favorite actors actually.

It's also a movie that is (too) heavy on its talking. This gives away that the movie is based on a stage-play. Seriously, they should had really cut some of the dialog and add in some more comical moments, to make this movie at least more entertaining to follow. The movie is OK for about its first 30 minutes but after that you soon start to get tired of all characters sitting around and talking to each other, expressing their emotions and feelings and you'll most likely start to loose interest in this movie after a while, just like I did.

It's not the most horrible movie you'll ever see but I can't think of any reason either why you should ever watch this movie in the first place. Perhaps just for Sinatra's musical moment, when he sings 'High Hopes', which also actually earned this movie an Oscar.


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