In a way these sleazy '60's flicks are really being the predecessors of the '70's exploitation movies, especially this movie, since it's also featuring lots of violence, next to a whole lot of cleavage but no nudity though.

Despite the fact that women get portrayed as sex objects in this movie, they are still the ones that are also being the strongest characters out of the movie. You really better don't mess with this girls, unless you have a death wish. It's a movie that celebrates the power and independence of women by also showing their sexual power and independence.

It in all honesty is a well shot and told movie. The editing, the camera-work, the storytelling, it is all done quite well and professionally, which isn't something you would perhaps normally expect from a movie within this genre. But Russ Meyer was known as the Fellini of the sex-industry for a good reason. His style was really classy and he truly knew what he was doing and had an obvious passion for it. This movie is not just made for the money, or else it would had been filled with way more sex and nudity but it also has plenty of artistic and more noble integrity to it.

I only wished that the story for this movie would had been a better one though. The story seems like a pretty odd one to me, in which also not always an awful lot is happening. What the movie is also really missing is a good and likable main character you could care for. It really isn't a very likely movie to watch and things that happen in this movie just don't always click. I understand its oddness is part of its appeal and makes this movie unique and original but I think that some more substance wouldn't had harmed this movie and could had also make it a more interesting and exciting one to watch.

Well worth a watch but it's just not a cult classic in my book.


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