Compared to all of the previous other entries, this movie is definitely a more professional looking one but but that just doesn't make this a good movie.

Luckily this movie is also being somewhat different from the other ones. All of the three first movies were pretty much alike and featured the same sets and actors in all movies. This one has different actors, different settings, even sex this time but yet it features still the same awful music.

Never really understood why none of the first three 'Fantom Kiler' movies never featured any sex in it. I mean, the movies clearly were meant to be pornographic ones but all they featured was some female nudity. I don't know, perhaps there was some kind of law banning porn movies to be made in Poland? This more international orientated production does go further with its nudity and sex elements but still not all the way.

All of the 'Fantom Kiler' movies have been pretty sadistic ones but just never ones that shock. Just seems to me that all of the situations are probably director Roman Nowicki his own odd sexual fantasies, living them out by letting the actors perform them on film. But you could say that all of the movies are lacking a certain edge for them to make a true impression. Sadistic is perhaps not even the best way to describe all these moments. Weird and silly would be better words to pick for it.

The movie is still supposed to be set in Poland but it actually got shot in Czech Republic as well. Also all of the dialog is in English this time and I don't think all of the Polish actors were really happy with that. Their incredibly thick accents make their acting performances seem ever worse. It sounds like when an American tries to speak in a thick French accent, "'Allo 'Allo!" style. You could tell that most of the time the actors themselves actually had no idea what the were saying and were phonetically delivering their lines.

They also tried to add some more story this time but I'm not too sure if I was too happy about that. It's such a messy told story that it's hard to say what is often really going on and where the movie is heading toward. It also doesn't make any of the horror/slasher elements work out more convincing. As a matter of fact, this movie is actually far less violent than any of the other previous entries, when it comes down to its killings.

A step up from the other sequels but still it's a pretty bad movie to watch, even- or maybe especially, when you're into these 'serious' movie attempts of soft-core porn productions.


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