These movies will always remain a mystery to me. I have no idea what they are supposed to be and what genre to place them in. It isn't horror, it isn't fantasy, it isn't's simply nothing.

This movie is almost entirely the same as its first predecessor. It also got made by the same crew and even stars most of the same cast, even though everybody is playing a totally different role this time. So, it's a sequel that isn't expanding on the first movie. It's simply doing the same stuff all over again, including all of its many flaws.

This time around there is even less story, which makes the movie all the more annoying. Just like its predecessor it also keeps dragging on and on with all of its killings, that aren't even enjoyable to watch for the lovers of gore and violence.

The movie remains easy on the eyes with its pleasant visual style, that for some part manages to conceal the movie its low budget. But the director himself also seems to be really in love with the visual style, since he is often overdoing it. The guy doesn't know when to stop, just like this movie-series doesn't know to stop. There are 4 movies out already and who knows, maybe we'll get even more in the future.

A big waste of time, even though it's a very short movie.


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