Like basically all low-budget exploitation flicks (which are all of them) the movie starts off like an incredibly bad one but by the end you're absolutely taken by its insane and extreme events.

And this movie is real crazy, which is saying much, since this isn't exactly the first silly exploitation flick that I have seen. It has such an insane concept, with lots of exaggerated violence in it. The movie features a bunch of terrorizing hippies that deliberately get infected with rabies and start to go totally crazy after that, causing even more havoc in town.

This movie is definitely an enjoyment to watch for the genre fans. They won't be disappointed with any of its blood, gore and violence as well as some other typical exploitation elements in it, such as the obligatory rape and nudity.

But I of course can't really claim that this is a great movie. It's still a very simplistic, cheap looking and clumsily done film but at the same time this of course really still adds to the overall charm of the movie, so it shouldn't prevent any of the fans of the genre from ever seeing this movie.

Really not the best or most recommendable exploitation flick out there but it sure is still entertaining, especially more toward its end.


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