Really the biggest compliment I can give this movie is that it didn't annoyed me half as much as the previous 2 movies did. I'm still obviously not the biggest fan of the entire series but I can actually take and enjoy this movie for what it is.

They changed a couple of things around for this sequel again. First of all Reggie Bannister is a returning character and actor who this time really got made the main lead of the movie. Secondary character is a kid again, as was also the case with the first movie. It makes this movie more in tone with the first one, more so than the second one was. In that regard alone this movie already is a better sequel.

I still don't understand though what is going on half of the time in this movie. I really enjoyed the first half but after that the movie started to get crazy again and I started to loose interest in it all pretty fast.

I never really understood why this movie appealed to so many horror fans. As an horror this movie really isn't any good. It only has some gore at times but it just never features any well build up tension or mystery and doesn't have any scare moments, or other classic genre elements, in it. The best thing about all the movies is perhaps the evil tall man character, who deserved to be part of a better or at least more interesting movie series really. He besides is far too little in this movie and really doesn't get an awful lot to do, until the very end of the movie.

But oh well, this movie at least made me somewhat interested in watching the fourth movie as well, even though it is obvious to me that I will just never become a fan of this series and I highly doubt that the fourth movie "Phantasm IV: Oblivion" can change this around.


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