Why keep bothering. Just leave the tall man alone. He's only after the death anyway and it's not like he's trying to take over our world our anything like that. Besides, it seems to me that he only goes after you once you try to cross his path. But no, the success of the first movie caused this sequel to be made, as well as 2 more.

It's a pretty late sequel, that got released 9 years after the first movie but yet the movie decides on featuring the same child characters from the first movie, even though they are grown ups now and look nothing like the characters out of the first movie, even though they are being played by the same actors.

This time the movie had a significantly bigger budget to spend but the movie still remains just as messy to watch as the first movie. I still have no idea what is going on all the time and things seem to happen very randomly. I was just never taken by the story, or any of its action and excitement.

Also as an horror movie this really falls short. Never understood why this movie is being liked so much by horror fans but I guess I'm just not that into the director/writer of this movie-series. I just found out he also wrote and directed "BubbaHo-Tep", which is also a movie that has a real cult following and is being much appreciated but is a movie I just never could get into and didn't enjoyed watching all that much.

To me it also really doesn't help much that he keeps borrowing heavily from other movies. Guess that in Don Coscarelli's he is paying homage but to me it just comes across as some lazy writing.

Also the story as a whole for this movie is being pretty poorly written. Like I said, I couldn't even understand what was happening half of the time and the characters in this movie just never seem to have a plan or any clear motivations. It makes this movie pretty bad to watch.

No, I'm just not a phan.


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