Can't really understand why this movie is being such a popular and much appreciated one. I couldn't even understand what was all going on in this movie or what the point of it all was.

This movie really comes across as a random one. Things happen in this movie but I had difficulties understanding why and what the purpose of it all was. Still really don't know what the 'villain's' motivation was and the movie really should had put some more effort into its story. The movie just explains far too little, which does not add up to the movie its mystery but to its messy and annoying aspects instead. The story just comes across as so very messy, in which random stuff happens and also characters seem to pop up randomly. The movie reaches a point pretty early on, to which I simply stopped caring about anything that was happening in this movie.

It was a really cheaply made movie, so that might explain for some part as to why the movie feels incoherent. But I can't really say that I think this movie would had been a better one with a multi-million dollar budget. The entire idea behind the movie its concept is just far too weak for that.

I really love the horror genre and can often appreciate a good cheap and old looking movie but I just couldn't really find any enjoyable or redeeming aspects about this movie. I therefore also really don't see how this movie could appeal to any other horror genre lovers but the movie is yet still a popular one, so it must do something right for some people. To me it still just seems like one pointless mess though.


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