This is a rather special and unusual but fun nevertheless, movie.

It's really not a typical movie and it doesn't necessarily follow a plot or anything. You could say that this is basically like one big marketing video for The Beatles. It shows the four Beatles, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon as themselves, having lots of fun with partying and girls and doing lots of other very immature stuff. And yes, occasionally they of course also perform some of their songs. It probably sounds like something negative but no, I actually like this movie very much. It's simply so much fun to watch throughout!

It's a real comedy, that shows The Beatles from their funny sides and the movie does actually feature some fun dialog and good silly comical situations. It stars The Beatles as themselves but please don't think they are not acting and they really lived like that. It's no documentary by any means and it allows The Beatles to show themselves from their funny and artistic side.

It's a movie that dates back from the early Beatle years and got made at the verge of their big breakthrough. In that regard this already is a special and musically significant movie to watch. All of The Beatles were still in their early 20's and the movie showed them as rebellious young boys, all doing their own thing and already having their unique sound and style. Even almost 50 years later the songs are still catchy and you don't necessarily have to be a familiar or a big fan to enjoy listening to their songs in this movie. But it's a movie from the early days of The Beatles, so don't expect to hear all of your favorite Beatle songs in this movie. It features some well known songs but most of them just aren't that well known, which is not saying that it are horrible songs though.

It by no means is a great done movie though. I mean, stuff is happening really very random in this movie and it obviously was a cheap one to make as well. The movie really thrives on its charismatic 4 leading men and their chemistry together.

Not that any of The Beatles were great or natural born actors though. Their acting performances really aren't great but what saves them is that they basically are simply playing themselves, which did not require an awful lot of acting skills obviously.

Great fun promotion for The Beatles, from their early days.


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