In the past I have actually liked some Ted V. Mikels movies because they still had a certain charm and cult potential to it but this movie is however simply unwatchable. It's just that bad!

Thing with this movie is that it really takes you back to the days of Z-grade science-fiction movies from the '50's. The kind of stuff Ed Wood himself used to make but this movie is even all the more shocking, since it actually got made in the late 60's.

It really is an incredibly sloppy made film, that is horribly directed and has some serious lacking storytelling in it. I can't even tell what this movie is about, since it's being such an huge mess and I actually honestly had no idea what was going on, for more than half of the time.

Scene's seem to go on forever, while they really have no right to do so. There are even scenes in this movie that seem to build up to something but in the end do absolutely nothing. The movie is already quite short, with its 90 minutes of running time but it really should had been way shorter, though I doubt that that would had made this a good movie. Even the acting and dialog seems to be a throwback to the horrible bad movies from the '50's. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that movie was actually something Ted V. Mikels had written in the '50's already!

And for a movie named "The Astro-Zombies", there are actually surprising little 'astro-zombies' in it. There is no real action or entertainment in this movie and the title only seems to have been picked to fool the audience and to get some people to see it, since it has little to do with the actual movie it seems. The 'astro-zombies' that are still in this movie are quite laughable looking. They are all wearing Halloween type of alien masks, that obviously are far from convincing looking.

A real shame John Carradine's career had to end with these type of movies, after having such a great start of his career. Luckily though not an awful lot of people watch these type of movies and no one should also ever watch this one!


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