(Review originally written at 24 June 2008)

This is a movie that could had used some more zombie action. It instead mostly focuses on its strippers and their strip acts. Seeing the same girls doing their routines over and over again just isn't that interesting more after a while. There must be at least a dozen strip acts in this movie.

Of course I understand that this movie deliberately tried to be bad and silly with its story and all but it doesn't make the movie good though. The movie is too amateur like made and looking for that and it just simply isn't entertaining enough for a good and silly B-movie or cult classic. A shame, since the movie definitely showed potential and normally I'm also able to appreciate a movie like this.

Nudity and gore are the two words that can sum up the movie. The nudity is better than its gore though. The girls are all fine looking and so does the gore actually but just the way it got handled and thrown into the movie doesn't make it work out. So as an horror this movie is definitely a poor one, as a comedy it definitely works out better but its humor mostly relies on spoofing well known movies.

The movie begins as an "Aliens" clone and then soon turns into a "From Dusk Till Dawn" type of movie. It's apparent were the film-makers got their inspiration from and they actually make no trouble to hide it and they instead are proud of it and show this. This could had worked if the movie was actually fun and entertaining through its silliness. But the movie is simply tiresome and stupid for that.

I'll bet Robert Englund still had fun though. He seemed to be enjoying himself while filming and probably also already knew how bad the movie would turn out to be, experienced as he is.

I wanted to like the movie but it was just too tiresome and poorly done. The movie is simply not entertaining enough for its genre.


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