(Review originally written at 5 September 2010)

This movie made me realize all the more how incredibly generic and below average the first movie out of the series actually was. At least the sequels showed some creativity and tried out some new stuff.

This is still definitely a movie though that had far more potential in it and the end result is therefore also far from anything real satisfying. Nevertheless within its genre there is basically very little wrong with this movie. It's still a good watch, that offers some nice stuff for the fans of it to enjoy.

Basically all of the movie its wasted potential is in its concept of having a bunch of tough convicts, who escaped, set in the woods against the cannibal-incest-mutant-freaks. It sounds real awesome and the movie could had really been like a "Predator" type of horror-action cross-over but the movie really does far too little with this concept. Of course this is also partly due the to movie its fairly low budget, this movie being a straight to video sequel and all but that doesn't make it less disappointing as a viewer though. Seriously, they couldn't have come up with some better stuff for this movie with such a potentially great and awesome sounding concept? The story now instead makes some odd and wrong choices.

The movie could had really used some more excitement and now all of the excitement basically only comes from its killings, that are being quite creative though at times. It makes this movie nice to watch for the genre lovers but it basically does very little for the movie its actual tension, horror and originality. To be honest, the movie is now more often being a bit silly and clumsy than anything spectacular or exciting. But overall this doesn't ruin to movie its overall watch-ability.

What could had also made the movie a tad bit better was if it had some characters in it that we could actual care about or at least get to know something about. All of the characters are really flat and stereotypical and it really should had focused a bit more on its main character and 'hero'.

But oh well, within its genre this certainly is not a bad one. There are obviously far worse movies you can waste your time on and with this movie you will almost certainly still have some fun as well.


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