(Review originally written at 1 September 2010)

The movie started off promising alright but it then turned very fast into something much worse. The movie became a lame and cheap looking horror flick, that picked an uninteresting and also unlikely approach. It just didn't worked out as an horror at all. But luckily the movie its second half was something much better, when the original approach of the movie gets totally abandoned and gets replaced by something simpler but far more effective and enjoyable.

Basically the movie is still being like a lot of other genre movies but I still like and appreciate this movie for trying something original as well. At times it works out but at others it also really doesn't. It makes this a bit of an uneven movie, also considering that the movie its first half is quite weak while it's second one is simply good and maybe even a little bit more than that. It doesn't always make this movie a very good or effective horror movie to watch but luckily the movie is still being entertaining, throughout.

Everything about this movie basically screams cheap and it obviously got shot in an hurry. It's a movie that can get quite lame due to its tiresome approach at times, silly weak characters and a simplistic story. But oh well, not every movie can be made with a big budget and can have a large crew and extensive production time. In all honesty, if you have to make a good, cheap genre movie, in just a couple of weeks time, "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" is a good example on how to do it. Considering all of its factors and the fact that this is a sequel as well, this is simple a more than good movie.

Just don't give up on this movie once you are starting to get annoyed and/or disappointed by the movie its first half, the movie soon turns into something much better, that will also please the genre fans for sure (yes, there also is plenty of gore to enjoy). I actually enjoyed this movie much more than the first one and in the long run it's a far more original one as well.


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