(Review originally written at 24 January 2010)

Quite hard to rate this movie really. I can definitely see what this movie tried to accomplish but I don't think it succeeded well enough at it. However when judging this movie purely as a soft-erotic movie there is no denying it that this is a really well shot movie.

The movie tried to be one about lust and pleasure in sex. It takes on some serious approaches and angles, that I suppose have a deeper feeling and meaning to it all. The story mostly evolves around the Mickey Rourke that is playing hard to get and likes to play games with the females that want him. Something that females normally would do in real life. The one moment they want you but the next they push you away. It leaves you craving for more, insecure and unsure about the whole situation. It's highly annoying when a woman does this, so it's kind of refreshing to see a man doing this to women for a change, though it still remains an annoying thing. Mickey Rourke plays this real slick playboy, that seems to know exactly what women want and what they are craving for. He approach them at the right times, say the right things and gives them just enough for them to want him badly but when they seem to completely surrender to him he alienates himself from them. This is what the movie is mostly about, though there is also a messy and uninteresting plot line in it about an old hotel.

You could say that this movie is a rare mainstream soft erotic movie, with an actual big budget to spend and respectable actors in it. When approaching this movie purely as a more or less erotic movie you have to say that this movie is some of the best that the genre has to offer. Judging this movie as anything else really just makes it a really bad one.

The movie and story at times have an almost surreal kind of look and feeling to it. It suits the sexual tensed atmosphere of the movie real well. The movie its feeling and atmosphere really reminded me of the last Kubrick movie "Eyes Wide Shut".

The movie had a great look to it and its sex scenes were shot really well. It's obvious that director Zalman King (no way that's a real name!) had plenty of experience with the genre already. He and his wife writer Patricia Louisianna Knop (really, these two weird named persons truly fit together) are perhaps best known of the Red Shoe Diaries series fame, that is about the best known, classy looking, soft erotic TV/movie series that is around.

The movie does not have the best acting in it that you will ever see, despite having some big names in its cast. Blame it on the dialog and unusual situation within this movie really.

A bad movie really but as a soft erotic movie it still is simply just one of the best you can watch out there.


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