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Because of this movie we had to wait a whole extra year for Gore Verbinski to finally make his much anticipated 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sequel. Was "The Weather Man" worth this? Hardly.

This movie is not just your average one. It has a more European feel to it with its style and story than anything else. This is also part of the reason why the movie didn't exactly became a large box-office success. It's a (deliberatly) slow movie but this is hardly what was my biggest beef with it.

Thing is; the movie and it's story just aren't going anywhere. Seriously, what is actually happening in this movie? You also can't really call this movie one that is being like a random slice of life, since the events and all of the characters within this movie are heavily exaggerated.

The movie could had still worked out, if only it had been completely serious and dramatic or goofy and more quirky, comedy like. The movie now has a bit of both but only just a bit though. As a result the movie is not being effective as neither one. I just don't really now how to feel while watching this movie. I want to laugh at it but then again the comedy moments and its quirky moments aren't really pushed through hard enough to make me see this as an entertaining movie and dramatically-wise the movie just isn't going anywhere with any of the movie its emotions or situations. Nothing really ever gets resolved in this movie, which in the end makes this movie seem like quite a pointless one.

But this all is also really due to the movie its characters. The characters and their treatment in this movie are just wrong. Lets just take the Nicolas Cage character. Why would we ever care for him in this movie? He's walking around with a depressed look and is unsatisfied with his job as well as his personal life. And how is his character by the end of the movie? Still the same! The movie doesn't resolve anything. He only accepts the fact that he is a weather man but as a person he still remains the same with all of his flaws and problems. He's still not a great family man and he hasn't really become closer to his kids. As a matter of fact, he only gets away further from them, by taking a job in a different city and the fact that his ex gets married to another guy. And lets also have a look at the Michael Caine character, who I think was still being the best and most enjoyable thing about this movie. But problem with him is that he is supposed to be a superior type of father to the Nicolas Cage character. A person that has achieved a lot in life and one that the Nicolas Cage character has always looked up to, knowing that he can never achieve what his father did and whatever he does in life, he will never become as successful as his father. Both are being presented as a success- and failure story but this is more or less being demolished by the fact that the Michael Caine character is being an at times idiotic and oblivious one, that says some really stupid things at times.

Sure, the movie is still one fine looking and well directed movie, that still as well has some good performances from its actors in it. Because of this alone the movie should already be an above average one to watch but yet I really can't rate it, it that way. It's simply because that right after this movie and while thinking more and more about it, it just seems like such an incredibly pointless one, that achieves nothing in the end. The many good things about this movie really can't outweigh this.


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