(Review originally written at 12 July 2008)

"The Warriros" is a very unique and really great movie, that has become a real cult-classic over the years for good reasons. It's an action/adventure movie set in 'future' New York city, in which a gang called the warriors gets framed for killing a big gang leader and are therefore are on the run for all of the other many gangs active in New York City, while trying to make it back to their turf on Coney Island. So it's a movie that is constantly on the move and always has action in it, despite being an obvious fairly low budget production. The movie is like a modern odyssey.

If Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino would make a remake of this now days, done in the same style as "Sin City", the movie would be totally awesome! This movie is basically a sort of a "Sin City" of the '70's, done in a comic book sort of way, only without the style and flair and more with a pure typical '70's atmosphere instead, which also works out fine on its own, although it also makes the movie outdated- and perhaps also a bit silly at the same time. Currently a remake is announced to be released in 2010, with Tony Scott attached to it as director. It could work out well. Of course I'm never a too big fan of remakes but it needs to be admitted that some 'old' pictures would make great, if not better, modern remakes. Tony Scott proofed this before with his movie "Man on Fire" and he is currently working on another remake "The Taking of Pelham 123" of the 1974 movie "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three", which in my opinion also was one of those movies that could use a modern remake.

It's an unique and also odd movie, that uses some original concepts of having often strange looking gangs, with strange sounding names, fighting each other in New York City. It's set in a near futuristic world (for 1979). The concept has cult written all over it and it's a movie that really delivers. It has everything in it need to make a typical '70's cult movie, with a typical '70's atmosphere and style, mostly with its editing, chases, sexual orientated and bad '70's haircuts. Also quite interesting that the movie featured some small homosexual hinted themes. It makes the movie just a bit more edgy and daring in parts.

It's obviously a movie made with limited resources. It's an early movie from Walter Hill, whose earliest movies, from the '70's mainly, strangely enough also seem to be his best. Unlike his earliest movies he doesn't use, or perhaps couldn't use, any well known actors. The movie instead uses a bunch of young unknowns, who have the looks but not really the right acting skills. The movie has some very cheesy acting in parts. Seems like unknown actors were cast deliberately to give the movie a more realistic feeling but it sort of backfires at time.

Even though it might seem like and odd and sort of outdated movie, "The Warriors" is still one great and entertaining watch.


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