(Review originally written at 10 January 2009)

Wallace & Gromit really face a dark and sinister villain this time; a penguin. The penguin never speaks and he hardly does anything but it's this same subtlety that makes him such an evil sinister- and therefore at the same time also hilarious and amusing villain. I don't know what it is about penguins but they always work out as such superb and amusing characters in animated movies.

The story is however of course far from likely. I mean, how did the penguin even knew Wallace had mechanical trousers that he could use for his heist. And why at all would you use the tall and sluggish, sleeping Wallace to do a robbery for you. It's just too risky and doesn't really sound like the right suiting master-plan for the criminal genius the penguin is.

But oh well, this of course doesn't make this Oscar-winning short animated movie any less fun to watch.

In this modern day and age of technology claymation doesn't seem like the best weapon of choice to deliver a good, entertaining and convincing looking movie with. However with Wallace & Gromit, Aardman Animations have never failed at it to bring a good, entertaining and convincing looking movie. It's pretty amazing what you can do with just some simple pieces of clay. Characters are given a real personalities and sequences are looking very well done and detailed, as if it comes straight from a multi-million dollar budget movie.

Wallace & Gromit however are not part of multi-million dollar budget productions. It's always kept small and simple and that's the charm of it. It's all kept simple, yet it's done in an incredibly professional way. This is also always a part of the movie its comedy. The movie features many crazy and also unlikely situations, that are being shot in such an incredible serious way that they tend to become hilarious. Just like at the mini-train chase sequence at the end.

Quality entertainment from Aardman Animations.


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