(Review originally written at 17 November 2007)

The movie is a remake of the Russian science-fiction movie "Planeta Bur". This movie even simply re-edits scenes from "Planeta Bur" into this movie, obviously re-synchronized, with American voices and added a couple of new scenes with Faith Domergue (once considered Howard Hughes' greatest discovery!) and Basil Rathbone.

Real problem with this movie is that there is absolutely nothing happening in the movie. Of course the story itself is also totally ridicules, about a couple of scientist landing on Venus, where they of course soon start to face dangerous lizard/dinosaurs like looking aliens and dangerous plants. For most of the time the movie really is about nothing and you just don't know what it is that you're watching. The movie is supposed to be mysterious and exciting but it just never gets so. Luckily the movie is not that long!

The effects are about as bad looking as they can get for a '60's genre movie, with a silly looking robot with a silly sounding voice, who can walk through lava but not water, mind you! The sets are fairly good looking, although it of course by todays standards all look terribly outdated. Especially the interior of the spaceships of course look totally ridicules now.

Some of the dialog is amazingly bad, that is unintentionally funny at times, with also some stupid scientist, that needs to explain the simplest things to each other. You're IQ will most likely drop a couple of points while watching this movie.

Poor Basil Rathbone! That he had to end his career in movies such as this one... Yes, he of course still gives the movie some class and he clearly is the most talented actor of the whole bunch but it of course is all not enough to uplifts the movie.

No way I'll ever watch this again!


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