(Review originally written at 25 June 2010)

Nothing wrong with a silly exploitation flick every once in while but this movie is just ridicules in a lazy kind of way.

It's basically a very messy movie with some lazy writing in it. Not as if any exploitation flicks ever featured a brilliant or original story but at least they often make more sense in their own universe. I had the idea that for this movie the creators were just shooting away. Moments and characters in the movie just often don't make sense at all, which makes this entire movie seem like a quite ridicules one.

You could definitely say that this movie had some potential in it. I like the fact that this movie is being like a modern western, in which a bunch of tough guys with a badge cause mayhem and try to take over a town with their terror. Its easily a type of story you could expect in any type of western.

It's however a very random movie. All of the actions from the bad guys seem pointless and often very stupid. It's purely put into the movie to make it seem like a violent one but it makes the characters look totally ridicules. The movie and its characters often make a very pointless impression.

I also just don't understand some of the characters. People and also loved ones are getting killed in this movie but hardly anyone seems to worry too much about this and life goes on as usual. It doesn't exactly help to make the movie a very believable one.

Kris Kristofferson still added some spice but you can't really say that this movie was his greatest moment.


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