(Review originally written at 21 March 2007)

I've sort of made it my mission in life to watch every single movie involving vampire's, ever made. I have watched a couple of horror-meets-erotica movies before and also movies staring Misty Mundae before, so I sort of knew what to expect already. This movie however turned out to be way out worse than any other genre movie I've seen so far.

The movie is extremely amateur-like looking. The movie was entirely shot with 1 handy-cam and without the use of proper sound. The editing is also absolutely horrible at times, especially during the sex sequences.

But the absolute worst thing about the movie is its story. The movie does not make sense and the story also really seems to serve no purpose. In the beginning the movie at least actually seemed to have a plot in it. The plot however gets quickly abandoned, after we get to see 3 sex sequences in a row, featuring the same two person and one voyeuristic person that seems to pop out of nowhere. Somewhere in the movie there is a vampire featured but it's more about a strange voodoo priest, who has to hold his mask to prevent it from falling and loves to drink tea before and after he makes strange noises and does strange dances. Again, the story serves totally no purpose and it's hilariously bad written and constructed. It absolutely makes no sense.

The sequences go on for far too long, especially the strangulation sequences. I don't know, perhaps this movie was made for persons with a strangulation-fetish?

The sex sequences are quite hardcore, especially for Misty Mundae, though this is mostly the case in the deleted sequences. That also is a weird thing about this movie. The first halve of the movie is an actual 'movie', while the second halve consists out of deleted sequences, put after each other.

One of the earliest Misty Mundae is definitely not her best, as if there even exists such a thing as her 'best' movie.


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