(Review originally written at 5 March 2008)

It's quite a new and refreshing thing for a 1932 that the two main characters are lying thieves, who move around and operate in the higher circles of society. You of course sympathize for them nevertheless because of the very natural and straight-forward approach of the movie and its characters.

It's a subtle little comedy that is mostly fun in its dialog. This approach also makes it obvious that this movie was based on a stage-play. This sort of approach doesn't always translate as well to the big-screen as this movie does.

But what makes the movie mostly effective and such a good watch it its classy directing approach of the movie, by Ernst Lubitsch, which is quite dynamic, especially also for 1932 standards. It features camera-movements as well as at times some real fast editing.

It's a story that moves along pretty fast and pleasantly. The story is nothing too heavy or serious, which insures that the movie is a great pleasant watch. It of course is also all somewhat predictable but this in this particular case doesn't take away any of the enjoyment of the movie.


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