(Review originally written at 29 December 2009)

I'll admit that I watched this movie expecting it to be a slasher flick. I mean an '70's movie with such a premise and a movie title like "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"? How could this not be a slasher. The movie however is actually a serious one, that is based on true events, about an hooded killer who killed a bunch of people in 1946 in a small town.

It's not an exploitation flick so the movie is not filled with blood and gore. The movie is also not necessarily an horror, though it still knows how to create a creepy kind of atmosphere at times, which is more due to its realism and story-telling this time. The movie is definitely better written than similar type of movies of the same era and it's made with real class and integrity. The movie is even being a somewhat semi-documentary of the events, though the story of course got still Hollywoodized.

The story is of course all the more intriguing since it got based on actual events. The real killer was never caught and he showed some surprising similarities with the later Zodiac killer. Who knows, perhaps it was the same person, coincidence or someone who was inspired by these killings.

Despite its obvious low budget the movie still really manages to be a great looking and great told movie, that is always intriguing, tense and even real funny at times with it's relieving comedy and characters in it.


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