(Review originally written at 23 April 2008)

This basically is one fine charming film, that you can just not hate watching. It's just too cheerful and fun for that.

The movie features one fine story, specifically written for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together. It's a charming little romantic story, of course featuring also lots of dancing routines and singing. It nevertheless is not your standard average musical. It's a RKO Radio Pictures and not a MGM musical. It's more a story that gets driven by its story and actors, rather than by its dancing and signing routines. I also regard this movie more of a romantic-comedy than a full-blood musical. It's a story that gets also filled with lots of misunderstandings between characters, which leads up to some fine comical situations.

The movie features lots of great fun comedy. It makes this a real pleasant, innocent movie to watch. Especially some of the dialog is also greatly fun written. It of course also helps to the movie that all the lines get delivered by some fine actors.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of course did lots of movies together and they were always great to watch together in any movie. This is one of their best pairings. Also Edward Everett Horton, who also starred in a couple of more Fred Astaire movies, makes one fine appearance.

It's a great looking film, that also got professionally put together by director Mark Sandrich. It using some nice settings and costume designs. It's also a movie that got nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction, as well as actually Best Picture, which might be a bit too much credit though.

The movie also features some fine musical numbers, composed by Irving Berlin, with Max Steiner serving as the movie its musical director. It features some fine classic numbers such as cheek to cheek, which got performed first into this movie and got re-recorded by many more in the later future.

Some great cheerful and entertaining fun, even so if you aren't really into the genre.


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