(Review originally written at 4 November 2010)

So far I have only seen 2 different Fred Olen Ray but I can already tell that he is absolutely one of the worst directors that is still working today. His movies are just so bad, that they are not even funny to watch.

I can stand the occasional low budget horror-attempt and can take them for what they are but this is just too much to take. It's an insanely bad movie, that you shouldn't even watch to see how bad it is. Just take my word for it and don't even think about ever watching this.

While watching this movie I even started noticing that I wasn't even paying attention to it, while I wasn't even doing anything else. It's just a completely uninteresting movie and I literally couldn't care about anything that was happening. I therefore also really can't tell what the story was about because I simply did not care. It's title might sound cool enough but really, this is not even a werewolf movie. If I have to classify this movie as anything, it would be as soft-core porn because it has a couple of lame attempts at nudity and sex sequences at it, that aren't even done well, not even from a soft-core porn perspective. Horror-wise there is absolutely nothing going on in this movie.

It's an incredibly cheap looking movie. It's one of those films that has a TV look all over and if this movie cost anything above $1,000 to make, I would be very surprised. No serious money on the sets, effects, make-up or costumes got ever spend. Even the sound can be all messed up at times, when the actors don't speak closely enough into the camera's.

The movie really doesn't flow well, which is due to its messy editing but also lacking directing. The movie also completely fails to feature some likable characters. All of the characters are basically extremely horrendous ones, that do absolutely nothing to make you like any of them. They do quite the opposite throughout this movie actually. I also really can't tell who was supposed to be the main character, or so to speak, 'hero' in this.

Needless to say that the acting is also real horrible in this. They couldn't spend any money on the movie its visuals, so they of course also couldn't spend any on some decent enough actors. Actually funny to see that I start recognizing some of these actors who keep popping up in these absolutely horrible- and often soft-core porn, flicks.

Do us all a favor and just give up, Fred Olen Ray. You even shouldn't be allowed to make movies in the first place with that sort of a name.


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