(Review originally written at 23 November 2008)

Lets face it, Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn't starred in exactly some classic movies throughout his career but out of all his movies this is probably his best known one, along with "Universal Soldier" and for a good reason. "Timecop" is simply a good (enough) and entertaining movie.

The movie its script is filled with some plot holes, questions and things that don't make sense due to some lazy writing. But oh well, that's the sort of stuff you can expect from such a movie as this one and is something you just have to take for granted and look past it. Fore otherwise, the movie its script really isn't that bad. It features a nice concept, that is maybe not handled in the best or most clever way but works out effective nevertheless.

The concept alone is already enough to provide the movie with some nice and original themes and moments. It's based upon a Dark Horse comic books series, that focuses on time traveling, its consequences and the power and possibilities of it all. No, like I said before it doesn't all get handled in the most clever or perhaps most intriguing way but its this concept that alone already makes this movie worth watching. You can see it as a mix of "The Time Machine" and "Minority Report", with some typical Jean-Claude Van Damme action added to it.

It has been ages since I had seen a Jean-Claude Van Damme flick and I was actually shocked by him. His accent is truly horrible and the fight sequences by him also already start to look outdated. but of course he also adds a certain level of entertainment to the movie. He's of course a real cult-actor, with a steady group of still growing fans. Luckily the movie also does feature some actors who can truly act. Ron Silver plays a classy villain, that is really in order in a this type of movie. Also Bruce McGill makes an appearance in this movie, who is like one of the most underrated current working movie actors.

I was surprised by the movie its overall look and quality. The movie might be a B-movie by name and reputation but it's simply a fine directed- and looking movie. Director Peter Hyams simply did a great job with it all. Hyams is also the director of my all time favorite Van Damme flick "Sudden Death", which they did together one year after this movie. The action direction and the visual style of it all is done with class and not as sloppy and horrendous looking as usual is the case with a B-movie of this type.

For 1994 standards it also definitely has some good and convincing looking special effects. In some sequences on 'older' Ron Silver meets the younger Ron Silver and the older Jean-Claude Van Damme meets the younger Jean-Claude Van Damme. They are really interacting together in those sequences and walking around each other. Good stuff!

Simply a fine and also well made entertaining movie, despite its very obvious gaping plot holes.


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