(Review originally written at 11 May 2008)

No well, this is not one of the worst movies you'll ever see but it simply isn't great stuff either and certainly not worthy of all the praise it is receiving on here. People actually rate this movie a 10, 9 or an 8? Some people really should start watching some more movies.

In the first halve of the movie the main character is trying to cope with- and tries to life and use her abilities to read people's minds. This means that the first halve of the movie mostly consists out of drama. Then suddenly the movie completely changes and turns into a fast going action/thriller in which the main character must prevent a terrorist attack. It then also introduces the movie its second main character Brendan Dean (Joe Flanigan). Much too late of course. It all perhaps could had worked out if the first halve of the movie was trimmed down to a 15 minutes intro in which the main character tries to control her powers. It now instead is a movie with very messy story-telling, with two total different halves that just don't really connect with each other. But also the rest of the movie simply is an example of how not to tell a story. It's extremely messy, leaves lots of loose ends (it simply doesn't bother to explain things at times), steals ideas from other movies and on top of it all features an highly unlikely story that progresses in a even more unlikely manner.

It's obvious that this is a movie that was orientated toward the DVD market. It therefor is a rather cheap looking simplistic B-movie, that only mildly entertains, which prevents this movie from being a completely unwatchable one. The action is minimal and mostly consists out of running and jumping people. Too often too little interesting is happening in the movie.

It's pretty obvious that director Breck Eisner got inspired by the two Matrix-sequels that were released around the same time. This is most notable in the way he handles the action, with a pretty laughable end result at times.

Elements of this movie all got handled better in way better movies.


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