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"Thinner" is just one of those movies that I always enjoy watching when its on. It's basically a great way to spend 90 minutes.

I think the foremost reason why this is such a watchable movie is thanks to its wonderful concept. Its highly original and you just can't go really wrong with it. The story nevertheless is quite silly in parts, which is I think also mainly because there are some difficulties with the book translation to the screen. What works in a book just doesn't always work for a movie. Another problem with movies based on books is that a book has a beginning and an end, with in between a couple of hundred pages to lay out the story and characters and everything that happens in between. You then next have to try to put this all in an under 2 hour movie, without loosing the core and essence of the story. This most of the time has as a result that some things get rushed in the movie to get from point A to B.

The actual ending is just great but there are also still some problems with it. Problem with the ending is that it's totally unclear why the main character is suddenly freaking out so bad and why he suddenly turns into psychotic murderer. Apparently a real returning theme in Stephen King novels; the main character going psycho toward the ending. He blames his wife for everything that has happened but this is totally unbelievable and unlikely this would ever happen. She at least most certainly did not deserved to die because of it. They try to 'justify' his killing of her even more by implying that she cheats on her husband with doctor Mikey. But again; now way that that justifies the thing happening to her in the end.

No way the story would had still worked out as good if the make-up effects weren't as good. Robert John Burke goes from extremely fat at the start to extremely thin toward the ending, all with the help of make-up.

The movie looks like a made for TV movie, which is obviously due to its restrained budget. So don't expect anything big or surprising camera movements and innovating directing or editing.

The movie also doesn't have a too great cast but each actor serves its purpose and fits its role.

Actually quite silly and nothing too great but it's a perfectly watchable and enjoyable little movie.


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