(Review originally written at 1 July 2008)

This is quite interesting as a look into the feature through the eyes of people living in 1936. Of course not much of it became true and as a movie it has its flaws but it remains a mostly interesting one to watch nevertheless because of its concept. No wonder, since its based on a H.G. Wells novel and he provided the screenplay itself for this movie as well.

The first part of the movie which focuses on WW II (which starts in 1940 and ends somewhere in the '60's) is a quite good one, since it focuses on a couple of interesting- mostly social, aspects. It raises some questions and it makes you think. It basically gives a good portrayal of what could had happened all, even though WW II as portrayed in this movie of course is much different from the events which happened in real life. Basically WW II in this movie looks the same like WW I and is being fought in the same way, with trenches, gas attacks, old WW I planes and tanks and old weaponry.

Basically the first part of the movie is good but the last part, which is set in the year 2036, isn't halve as good and actually quite annoying. It shows a nice looking futuristic world but its story isn't much good. It focuses on the sending the human beings to space for the first time ever and a revolution starts because of it, since people are against the idea of sending people to outer space. But why remains too vague to me and seems like a silly thing to oppose against in the first place.

But what mostly does not make this movie always totally successful as a movie are its very hammy acting performances. The actors are acting like its a stage-play and the dialog is especially really corny. It's the kind of preachy and moralistic dialog, that of course in no way is realistic and perhaps makes the movie feel all the more outdated.

It's an interesting movie to watch due to its concept but it's just not a movie that is without its flaws.


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