(Review originally written at 1 December 2006)

This is a great constantly fun and hilarious comedy short from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The movie gets even more hilarious from the point when Charlie Hall and his wife, played by Mae Busch, appear in the story. Laurel & Hardy get seriously drunk with Mrs. Hall, which result in an hilarious tit-for-tat routine with Mr. Hall and the boys. Tit-for-tat routines are often my personal favorite- and most hilarious things in any Laurel & Hardy movie.

Normally Charlie Hall isn't exactly the greatest actor but in this movie he perhaps plays his very best role in a Laurel & Hardy comedy. Also Mae Busch is in top-form.

The movie is filled with some well written and in the movie well timed and executed comical moments. Of course everything is extremely silly and unlikely but all the more hilarious because of that.

A great Laurel & Hardy comedy short, that is well written and even better executed.


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