(Review originally written at 7 October 2007)

This is basically some great nonsense to watch. It has an almost non-existent story, crazy action and a fast pace. It's the sort of movie that purely entertains and give you a good time, without trying to achieve anything else.

Producer and writer Luc Besson's touch is definitely notable throughout the movie. It has the same sort of humor, pace and overall style as his directed movies. It's the sort of entertainment he himself could had directed.

The movie is filled with some big fat deliberately overdone action sequences. It's done in such an overdone way that it becomes part of the comical aspects of the movie. On top of that the action, driving and the stunts are good and professional looking. Yes it- and the story are quite formulaic but it's executed in such a refreshing and fun way that it becomes original nevertheless.

It's really one of those movies in which the story gets pushed to the back and you don't care about that. The story really is quite thin and not that well written but this in no way harms the movie or its entertainment value.

It's definitely way better than the failed Hollywood remake with the same name. It didn't seemed to understand what it was that made this movie so entertaining to watch and it totally missed the mark in terms of entertainment.

A recommendable fun simple movie.


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