(Review originally written at 13 May 2008)

Typically one of those movies that make you think 'too bad they don't make them like this anymore'. It's a delightful, happy, cheerful movie with a simplistic story, adorable characters and some good dancing routines.

I like these type of musical movies better than the sort of musical movies from the MGM studios, made during the same time period. It lays its emphasis more on its story and characters rather than on its singing. These Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical movies do have some singing in it but it's not constant and of course the movie features still more dancing. Still this movie features a bit too many singing for my taste.

No it's not the best Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers out there but it still is simply a very fun and entertaining one. The story is a bit too simple and formulaic to regard this as a real original or true great movie within its genre. It of course has romantically elements thrown in and the two main characters don't like each other at first but nevertheless can't help falling in love with each other. It's mostly a story that remains predictable from start till finish but this doesn't really matter for these type of movies, that simply lays its emphasis on its entertainment.

It's above all also still a comedy, with also some true comedy characters and well written comedy dialog. It also has some real good and well written comical moments.

The movie is a bit too long though. Things could had also gone a bit faster and the movie really starts to loose its pace as it heads more and more toward its ending. 103 minutes a simply a bit too long for these type of movies.

Still a perfectly watchable fun movie!


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