(Review originally written at 8 July 2010)

As far as these sort of genre movies, this really isn't a bad one. I sure for one enjoyed watching it. Of course its all lame and cheap but hey I am a guy! I don't mind seeing things get blown up and I definitely have seen worse and less entertaining movies of this sort.

It basically is a very ridicules movie. The story...well that didn't even made sense did it? It's a quite weak and just plain silly story but at least it provides the movie with plenty of action to enjoy. The action is simply the saving grace of this movie. The story is just never really interesting and far from anything new and they also made the mistake with it to try and give the Dolph Lundgren character some depth. I could had worked, if there had been a better actor involved.

But this is a Dolph Lundgren-flick with action in it, so you just know in advance you shouldn't pay any attention to the story. The movie serves its purpose to bring some entertaining action to the screen, though it all remains quite ridicules all. It's insane to see Dolph Lundgren shooting without ever taking cover, while bullets fly around him and stuff starts to blow up and kills all of his enemies with the first shot he fires.

A watchable enough genre piece that serves its purpose well, without ever becoming a real great or original one.


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