(Review originally written at 9 March 2010)

With all respect, the best movies of course did not get made in the 1910's. Not even the slapstick was at its best back then yet. But as far as the genre and the decade for it goes, this is certainly a good movie.

In this movie Ben Turpin plays Vic Vacuum, who is in love with a movie star and ends up working at her studio when he hangs around and people at the studio mistakingly think he has money, which can help their productions out. Well, anyway this is sort of the story, fore most part of the movie doesn't seem to care at all if it has a story in it or not. Story-wise it's not really a consistent or well developed movie and they simply start to drop story-lines as the movie moves on.

But of course the most important thing within this movie is its psychical humor. Yes there is quite some good slapstick present in this movie, though it's not anything you won't see in any other genre movie and the movie also repeats itself in certain parts.

Its ending also seemed pretty random, as if they had no good idea how to end this all. It's pretty lame and silly really but this of course doesn't take away any of its fun that all happens prior to it.

Ben Turpin was simply a great actor for this genre and in this early movie he shows this once more. It also has a rather good supporting cast, who are all obviously very at ease within the genre.

The entire movie got obviously shot at a studio, like most of these pictures from those days. It's therefore a very cheap and simplistic movie to look at but this doesn't take away that it's simply good fun all and the movie is almost sure to make you chuckle.


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