(Review originally written at 25 January 2009)

Well, I wasn't exactly rushing to see this, since I simply wasn't too interested in it. I mean an animated Star Wars movie, based on a animated cartoon series that I never followed...why would I watch a thing like that? On top of that it didn't got directed nor written by George Lucas, so how would this movie even be able to feel like a Star Wars movie. Well, it perhaps doesn't feel or look much like an ordinary Star Wars movie but it simply is one fine and entertaining computer animated movie to watch.

No it isn't the best looking movie. Or at least it just isn't the best thing that the computer animated genre has to offer. The movie has a more cartoon like style of animations. I for one liked it and with it, it at least knew to create an unique style of its own.

One thing that did bothered me about this movie was its really weak dialog that on top of things also just too often repeated itself. It also slightly made the characters from the original movies come across differently in this movie. Another thing was that the movie too often used the same type of shots to fill up its scenes with. It often picked close-up of characters that just didn't added anything to the movie its story and feelings.

It also isn't like this movie is featuring a great story though. The story is actually disappointingly weak because its simply far too simple. It would had been a way better movie if it actually had a more layered story, which also focused more on the other characters and their motivations, such as Palpatine, Yoda and Amidala for example, who get pushed far too much to the background and seem to be only in this movie because they are part of the original Star Wars franchise. Otherwise they add very little to nothing to this movie. Same goes for lots of other characters really.

Yet I really enjoyed watching this movie, since it simply was such a spectacular one. The movie is basically non-stop action and throws you from the one ground battle into the other one and from a space battle to a light-saber fight. It's action is all very nice looking and provides the movie with a fast and pleasant pace.

Main criticism of this movie had always been that it was too childish and got aimed toward a too young audience. Well, originally the classic first "Star Wars" from 1977 was also meant as a kids movie. But on top of that I really didn't saw this movie as a childish one. It doesn't have lame slapstick humor or a lame comical side kick that makes witty remarks. The movie even hardly features C-3PO who basically was the comic relief of all other Star Wars movies. I don't see how adults couldn't enjoy this movie, for there is really nothing lame or too childish about it all. This doesn't mean that kids won't be able to enjoy this movie just as much as well though.

Underrated, or perhaps simply misunderstood, also because of the many preexisting prejudices against this movie.


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