(Review originally written at 23 December 2007)

It's OK to laugh at these sort of 'simple, stupid', comedies every now and then, even if it has Leslie Nielsen in it. This movie has some great of these 'simple, stupid' laughs in it but the story really restrains this movie from being a true good or recommendable one.

The story is so bad that the movie becomes real painful to watch in parts! At times you really don't know what is really happening on screen or why, just because it doesn't make sense. It really lacked a real clear and good main plot-line.

The movie also tries to spoof way too many movies, just for the sake of spoofing. Most of the time these spoofing moments really don't fit within the movie and seem to be put in completely randomly. It was as if the director was making a sport out of it how many movies he could spoof within one movie.

It's of course also a very easy thing to spoof the spy-genre. In that regard this movie has all the jokes in it you would most likely expect.

Of course most comical moments and dialog are very lame. But often they are so lame and stupid that you can't help but laugh at them. So no matter how bad this movie actually is, it's still a movie that can and most likely will make you laugh, with also some cameo's from people such as non other then Ray Charles and Hulk Hogan.


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