(Review originally written at 31 January 2009)

This fourth entry is surprisingly the best out of the series when it comes down to the sequels. Yet the movie is probably best to watch when you don't know any of the previous Species movies, fore in that way the mystery and originality of the movie will work out the best. It's also really not essential to watch any of the previous Species movies before watching this one, fore this movie and its story have basically very little to do with any of the previous entries, that were about aliens trying to breed and being hunt down by the military. This movie takes a totally different direction and approach. As a sequel and especially as a third sequel to the 1995 movie, this movie is surprisingly refreshing in its ideas and executions.

No, of course it's no brilliant movie but I'm still raving about it since it's so surprisingly much better than any of its sequels and original as well. Of course not a lot of people are willing to give this movie a chance but I'll urge more people to see this, since it's simply a fine genre movie that is worth watching.

It isn't the best or most exciting movie but it's a professionally made one, which makes this a maintaining movie to watch. It doesn't suffer from some of the problems of the other sequels, that had some bad actors in it, among other things. This movie has some good characters and even better actors portraying them. Ben Cross is a good actor and a nice leading man for this movie. Hard to believe he already was 60 years old at the time of this movie!

Still I would wish the movie was a bit more exciting. It's a bit lacking in action and definitely lacking in gore. All of the other Species movies were filled with gore and nudity, while this movie features basically little to none of any. It's a quite tame movie, with the expectations of some sequences, that are used to set up a specific mood and tone. The movie is a bit of a bore in parts and often drags on for too long with its story, which is the fault of its writing that offers the movie too little.

Some things don't make a lot of sense within this movie and story and some things just don't really add up. However because it's such a fine put together, with a good visual look over it and some nice actors involved, this movie works out as a perfectly watchable one.


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