(Review originally written at 17 July 2007)

I don't quite understand how people can see this movie as a serious biopic. It has all the typical ingredients and feeling of a romantic/musical MGM movie from the '40's. Not much in it that makes this movie distinct itself.

Yes, it's really one of those movies of when you've seen one of them. you've seen them all! Don't get me wrong, "Song of Love" is not bad, at least not worse than other same type of genre movies but it's also not any better. The movie is far too formulaic for that.

You can say that the only real redeeming quality of the movie is its music. It features the music from composers Schumann, Liszt and Brahms (characters also appearing in the movie). It's really beautiful music to hear and it gets featured prominently in the movie.

Nothing wrong with the acting in this one. Katharine Hepburn was real great. I also liked Paul Henreid, who has also appeared in another couple of good well known movies. Not every character gets ever really deepened out unfortunately. It makes the movie with its drama mostly shallow and therefor the movie also doesn't leave a very big impression.

If you like these type of '40's MGM movies this is of course a perfectly good watch or you. It features all of the ingredients and way of storytelling and it also most definitely has the same typical atmosphere all over it.


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