(Review originally written at 13 December 2007)

This is a great little powerful overlooked 2006 movie. It's sometimes unfair and unbelievable that this happens but every year there are these types of movies that are great ones and seem like big award worthy ones, but no one has ever heard of. No I'll admit that this is not exactly THE greatest one in its genre and it still has its flaws but nevertheless it seems unfair that this movie was almost completely overlooked at the time of its release.

It's definitely true that the movie its impressive cast makes this movie a better and also more interesting one to watch. I don't think there would have been any other reason for me to ever decide to watch this movie. The movie features three really solid main performance. Not just Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver but also really surprisingly enough Carrie-Anne Moss is excellent in the movie. You perhaps would expect Alan Rickman to steal the movie but this is really not the case. Sigourney Weaver also gives a fine memorable performance as an autistic person. These type of performances are normally ones that will get you nominated for an Oscar but this movie was overlooked by most of the big award shows, as well as most cinemas.

Don't expect to see a movie about autism though. It's just an element within the movie. It's mostly just about life with realistic events and emotions, even though perhaps on paper it doesn't seem like this. It had all the elements in it to really go over-the-top and become an over sentimental ambitious one but the movie never really pushes its dramatic elements overly through, which is of course a good and positive thing. It makes the movie more credible and it allows the story to tell itself without forcing things. This strengthens the characters and dramatic aspects. Luckily the movie at times also features some relieving comedy, that is used in the right places and doesn't ever completely take over the whole movie.

A nice little honest feeling dramatic movie with all the right intentions.


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