(Review originally written at 5 February 2008)

This is still a pretty bad and silly simplistic typical slasher but when being compared to the previous sequel "Slumber Party Massacre II" this movie is a step up from that one.

What is mostly silly in the Slumber Party Massacre movies is that it features always a different driller-killer but things just never get explained why and how. Yes, this movie does provide a bit of an explanation but its not a particular good or credible one. It's the foremost reason why the Slumber Party Massacre movies are pretty simplistic in their form and concept. The only thing the movies are somewhat original in is that it features girls in the main roles and the movie is somewhat of an horror-chick-flick.

The first killing occurs pretty fast into the movie, just as was the case with the original, which keeps things going pretty fast from the start on and doesn't make the movie drag as much and be such a total bore as "Slumber Party Massacre II". As a matter of fact this movie is just very similar to the first movie. Very similar indeed. It perhaps seems more like a remake, or update with more nudity, than an actual sequel. So don't expect this movie to be a terribly original one.

The gore compensates a lot however. The previous Slumber Party Massacre movies weren't that really gory but this movie knows to throw in a couple of good gory sequences. Nothing the genre fan couldn't handle but it's all good enough.

The story gets basically thrown overboard when the killer makes his entrance to the party. It makes it a pretty dumb movie to watch but it of course is all mostly consistent with other genre examples. The story just isn't the foremost important thing in a teenage-slasher flick.

As you would expect, the acting also really isn't much special and the characters all remain terribly flat but it sort of all adds to the camp and status of the entire movie.

Oh well, it's all watchable enough for the true fans of the genre and for the people who gave up watching Slumber Party Massacre movies-series after the previous sequel, give this movie a change, you might up liking this movie. For people who just want to see a good slasher-flick, just skip this one.


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