(Review originally written at 30 January 2008)

Well, you have bad horror movies and you have BAD horror movies. And this one is BAD alright! You also have bad horror movies that actually becomes good and enjoyable to watch because they are so bad but no, this movie unfortunately is not one of those. It's such a silly movie, in which also not an awful lot is ever happening. The movie is like one big boring drag, until the driller-killer finally first shows up, which is really late into the movie. The movie however after that soon also turns from silly to sillier.

The Slumber Party Massacre movies are perhaps the only chick-flick horror movies, also not in the least because all of them (expect for part IV, that from I have heard is more porn than horror.) are directed by female directors. So expect lots of jumping around, dancing, crying, yelling, silly laughing and halve naked men. It's sort of a nice touch for a change to see an horror movie made as a chick flick. It puts a whole other light on the slasher genre.

The movie only gets its trills from the dream sequences, that are well made and provide the movie at times with a good surreal like atmosphere but real problem with those dream sequences is that they EXACTLY show what will happen all later in the movie. How stupid is that. So nothing in this movie will really come as a surprise anymore, also especially of course when you have seen the first movie you will know what is going to happen all. The movie however is letting you wait for so long until these things are finally happening all that you will have difficulties keeping interest throughout.

The driller-killer himself is this time definitely more interesting and entertaining than the one in the first movie. This however in this case also means that a lot of the mystery and suspense of the character is taken away this time. Horror likely wise not a great move of course. But oh well, he still is the highlight of the movie, thanks to the wonderful enjoyable campy over-the-top acting by Atanas Ilitch.

Silly, silly, silly. Oh and before I forget, the ending makes this movie even sillier.


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