(Review originally written at 7 February 2007)

This is an incredibly simple movie with almost no-story present in it. The movie really feels like a lame excuse to show off with all of the stars that are present in the movie.

Most of the stars play themselves in this movie. Some of them are in it for about 5 seconds. It's ridicules! Yet in a way it also makes the movie irresistible to watch for the movie nut, like myself.

The movie really features some great big stars of its period but also lots of one-day-fly's. no one now would had ever heard of. Big stars in this movie are Joan Crawford, Edward G. Robinson, Laurel & Hardy, 'Our Gang', Buster Keaton, Irene Dunne, Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Fay Wray, among others. Amazing the amount of celebrities present in this movie, yet only the comical actors feel really at place in it.

The story is far from entertaining and the movie really relies on the purely the performances of the actors to make the movie work out entertaining. It has a couple of laughs and good one-liners as a result.

The movie succeeds in some parts but also fails at others. It makes the movie an unbalanced one, though it still remains a perfect treat to watch to those who are familiar with most of the celebrity names attached to this movie.


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