(Review originally written at 5 September 2010)

A quick word of advice to everyone involved in this movie, just quit and learn another trade before it's too late, since the movie business is obviously not the right direction for you.

Yes, I'm really getting fed up with modern horror movies, with perfect looking teenagers, who of course aren't played by teenagers at all. The guys are all acting like arrogant jerks while the girls are just acting and looking slutty, thinking that they are all cool and the world is theirs. But seriously, this is not even why this movie is such a formulaic but above all things horrible one to watch.

What an enormous mess of a movie this is. There is actually literally nothing happening in the first halve and once the 'killer' enters into the story you at first don't even realize it because it all gets told so incredibly bad. seriously, half of the time I couldn't even tell what was happening because of the incredibly sloppy way this movie got shot and told in. And yes, it would had been nice if there was actually something interesting or tense happening in it.

The concept is as simple and weak as can be really about a bunch of lame drunk teens deciding to go to an old abandoned slaughterhouse were once the owner got killed in. And really, that is basically all that this movie is; a bunch of teenagers walking around an old abandoned slaughterhouse, being and looking all scared while nothing is ever happening. It seems that they randomly suddenly split up and end up getting wounded. Sorry but I just couldn't tell what was happening in this movie and why.

It gets so incredibly poorly brought to the screen by both the cast & crew that was involved with this movie. It obviously 'borrows' from many other genre movies but it even doesn't do this very well at all. I just couldn't believe how bad and silly this movie was looking at times. There are lots of clumsy moments in it and they seemed to have basically no idea how to make a decent horror movie, or just a movie in general. There are also some really awkward, supposedly dramatic, moments in this movie, that just seem to go on for ever. They don't know when to end certain stuff or how to keep a movie going and build up something.

Nothing good or half decent about this movie. Don't be like me and don't waste any of your time on this.


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