(Review originally written at 25 February 2008)

This movie started off really well and promising and seemed like an extremely entertaining animated movie, focusing on the famous animated family the Simpsons, of which the first television series episode first aired in 1989 up till still this very day. However as the movie progressed more and more problems raised.

By saying the movie could had used some more Spider-Pig I don't literally mean that the movie should had featured some more of Spider-Pig (on second thought, well maybe that's also what I meant!) but more that the movie handles different plot-lines but none really gets featured or wrapped up properly. It was like the 11(!) writers of the movie each came up with a different plot-line and everything got thrown together on a pile in the end. The Homer and Bart farther son relationship, Homer and Marge's marriage crises, pollution, Lisa falling in love, it's all good but nothing gets really handled satisfying enough in the long run.

Nevertheless, its very main characters and silly main plot-line make sure that "The Simpsons Movie" at all times remains a perfectly watchable and entertaining movie with even a couple of moments of brilliance. Especially the character Homer never seizes to amazing and entertain to the max.

Also basically every other character from the Simpsons series makes an appearance in this movie, some featured obviously more prominently than others. This perhaps shall disappoint some of the fans of certain characters but good news is that this movie doesn't waste too much time on introducing any new and main characters. And why should they, when you already have Springfield filled with all kinds of colorful characters. The movie in its core is in fact about nothing else than the Simpsons family and that's also the way it should had been really.

Of course they obviously had more money to spend on this movie than on the television episodes. So this can be seen in some of the more detailed animations but overall the movie maintains fairly much the same style as the television series.

The humor of course also basically remains the same, although this movie goes a bit over-the-top at times in terms of how ridicules the humor gets at moments, as the story in general.

Fun, though flawed, entertainment.


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