(Review originally written at 27 July 2007)

As much as everybody seems to love this movie, I just don't count this among Keaton's best. It's a very creative movie but I feel that it also could had been made more fun.

Nevertheless, Buster Keaton movies from the '20's of course always remain a must-see. Keaton was unique in its sort, not only was he a great comedy-actor with excellent timing he also was an awesome stuntman, in the period when stunts weren't halve as safe as they are now.

What makes this movie especially distinct itself from other genre pieces made in the same period is the enormous amount of creativity in the movie. There are some unforgettable and brilliantly constructed sequences, such as the one in which Keaton literally enters a movie in the theater he works in. I still don't understand how they created those effects! The movie keeps changing locations with Keaton in it and he falls, runs and hides, without the camera ever moving, or the movie cutting. The movie is filled with more creative sequences such as this one and other daring stunts that look amazing.

There isn't much to the story of course really. In my opinion its also not really the most interesting one the genre has ever provided but it provides the movie with some fun moments and sequences nevertheless.

Not the best in its genre but for '20's standards a truly excellent movie!


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