(Review originally written at 18 November 2010)

This movie is certainly not as bad as some people try make you believe it is. It's by no means a great movie but it's still one I have to respect for what it's trying and also simply for what it is.

It's a low budget movie, made without many resources but for what it is, it's simply being a good film. The directing and overall story-telling is simply good, even though the story itself is actually being one of the weaker points of the movie.

The story, to be frank, can get quite ridicules at times. The whole way the two main characters are handling their situation are just beyond believe silly and highly unlikely. Without giving too much away about this movie, no way normal thinking humans would ever respond to a situation like this the way the characters in this movie do. It's still obvious what they tried to achieve with its story and attempted to make it more of a personal characters movie, rather than just an ordinary horror-flick. They tried to be original and till some extend they still succeeded in this. Even though the story wasn't that good throughout, it still makes this movie an original and good watch.

One of the things that the movie failed at was delivering some good horror. Especially in its beginning this movie was obviously meant to be horror-like but to be honest, some of it's moments were unintentionally bad and made me laugh at how clumsy it got all done. Every time the movie tries to get tense or scary the movie its shortcomings start to become more and more obvious.

Despite some really bad dialog, I still have to give credit to the movie its actors, who simply did a great job with their roles. It's a mostly character driven movie, so it's of course very important to have some decent characters and actors portraying them, which luckily is the case with this movie.

Just give this movie a shot and changes are you might end up liking it, despite of all of its very obvious flaws.


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