(Review originally written at 3 January 2011)

Problem with most movies that are based on television-series is that they often feel like an extended TV-series episode. And there is also nothing in this movie really that couldn't have been featured in a couple of TV-series episodes. As a matter of fact, it would had probably worked out way better that way.

I have never seen a single "Firefly" episode, on which this movie got based. So I didn't knew anything about the characters or any of the backgrounds. If I did, I would had probably liked this movie much better. Now instead I just couldn't connect to any of the characters. This is also because in the movie they are being presented as typical cardboard type of characters, who just didn't seem to have anything interesting about them. There were also far more characters than the movie needed really. Again, having all these characters works for a TV-series but just not for a movie of this sort. I still don't know who is being how in this movie or what his or her specialty or purpose within the movie is. The movie was therefore also a quite emotionally bland one to watch.

But the movie is also far from being interesting to watch due to its simplistic story. It's being so simplistic that I don't even know what it is all about. It's a story about getting from point A to B, with a young girl who telepathic but what is being the point of it all and why this specific crew helped this girl out and what is exactly being so special about this girl, all is still being a bit of a mystery to me. As a matter of fact, I don't even know what point B was supposed to be. Where were they ever planning on taking this girl to in the first place? To me, the movie and its story seemed like a bit of a mess at times and some stuff seemed to happen at random and characters often popped up out of nowhere, which made it all the more a bigger mess to follow.

So, the movie is based on a television-series and this also really shows. The movie does really have a TV look over it, with only some average action and some acceptable looking special-effects, at best. Again, there seems to be nothing in this movie that couldn't had been featured in a television-series episode.

Also the acting never surpasses the level of an average television-series. I'm sorry but none of the actors in this movie seemed to be very good ones. I'm still sure they are going to have a great career though...on television, where they belong.

Sorry but to me this movie seemed nothing more than an extended television-series episode, that just didn't worked too well as a movie.


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