(Review originally written at 4 April 2008)

This movie is really among the worst of the worst. It basically does everything wrong and should serve as a perfect example of how not to make a movie.

The concept already of course sounds completely awful but the complete script is even worse than the actual concept. Basically very little actually happens within the movie and has some serious pacing problems. The movie also features an awful bunch of characters, Santa Claus himself included. I don't know who are what is more annoying, the kids, the Martians, Santa Claus, or that guy in that polar bear suit. More annoying is when suddenly burst into laughs, often without an apparent reason, to probably make the movie more cheerful and comical to watch.

For a Christmas movie it also surely isn't cheerful enough. Instead its actually rather depressing. It has absolutely no Christmas spirit in it and the atmosphere is just totally wrong for this production. It's hard to say what they tried to achieve with this movie. Make a joyful season Christmas movie targeted at children or was it an attempt at making a more 'serious' science-fiction meets Santa Claus crossover, aimed toward an older audience.

Of course the movie also uses tons of archive footage of rockets being blast off and also some more random footage of airplanes refueling in the air and world leader gatherings, to 'discuss the startling sudden disappearance of Santa Claus'.

It's '60's science-fiction, so it features all of the usual stupid and silly looking ingredients. Next to lots of archive footage, this means that the movie also has fake looking 'futuristic' sets, awful costumes and make-up for the Martians and just also general bad fake looking sets and costumes for the robot and the earlier mentioned polar bear.

Don't, under any circumstances, ever watch this movie!


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